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  • Book reviews
  • News from MODEM members
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Latest issues

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Issue 32, July 2016

  • Announcing Modem's 2016 One Day Conference, 16 November 2016:  Organisation encounters Theology: Making sense of ministries in a changing world
  • Germinate Leadership Programme
  • ESRC seminar, The Development of Ethical Leaders
  • Welcome to new Treasurer & Trustee, Rachel Whitelaw

Issue 31, January 2016

The first issue produced by our new editor, Annie Carter.

  • Issues of Trust, Power and Authority: a reflective report on Modem's 2015 conference.
  • Farewell to Trustees, Tony Berry and Richard Fox.
  • News on the Kingdom at Work project.
  • Book reviews: Leadership: Contemporary Critical Perspectives and Multi-Congregation Ministry.

Past issues

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Issue 30, September 2015

The first issue produced by our new editor, Annie Carter.
  • MODEM Leadership Conference, 3 - 4 December 2015, Faith in the Future: Organization, Power and Trust.
  • Introducing new Leadership Committee members, Lynn Caudwell and Rachel Noel, and the new newsletter editor, Annie Carter.
  • Book reviews: Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader, Online Mission and Ministry: A theological and practical guide and Doing the Math of Mission.

Issue 29, March 2015

  • Report on Modem's 2014 conference, Emerging Themes in Leadership.
  • Book reviews, The Myth of the Strong Leader, Host, The Widening Circle and The Dark Side of Transformational Leadership.

Issue 28, October 2014

  • Professor Heather Höpfl. A tribute by Scott Taylor.
  • The Susannah Wesley Foundation for Ministry, Management and Organisation, Sue Miller.
  • Book reviews, What Clergy Do, Especially when it Looks Like Nothing and Managing Clergy Lives: Obedience, Sacrifice, Intimacy.

Issue 27, May 2014

  • Report on Modem's 20th anniversary conference
  • Introducing Modem's new Membership Secretary, Jonathan Emptage

Issue 26, April 2014

  • Alan Harpham (1945-2014). A tribute by Malcom Grundy.
  • Farewell to outgoing Chair, Elizabeth Welch
  • Introducing Modem's new Chair, David Sims.

Issue 25, December 2013. Special conference edition

  • Letter from Archbishop of Canterbury on Modem's 20th anniversary
  • The Kingdom at Work project, David Clark
  • Reflections on Growing Leaders, James Lawrence
  • Lay Christian leadership and ministry, Peter Bunker
  • Course: The work of a Church Administrator
  • Book reviews, Building up the Body, Creating the Future of the Church and Spirituality and Business: A Christian Viewpoint
Issue 24, October 2013
  • New-style Spirit in Work network
  • Modem East Midlands
  • The Tomorrow Project
  • Book reviews, In Pursuit of Great AND Godly Leadership and Moving on in Ministry
Issue 23, April 2013
  • Report on one day workshop: 101 Great Ideas for Growing Healthy Churches
  • Announcing MODEM's 2013 conference, Sarum College
  • Book reviews, Developing Faithful Ministers, Remixing the Church and Church for Every Context

Issue 22, February 2013

  • Questions Business Schools Don't Ask
  • Tribute to MODEM's outgoing Secretary, John Nelson, and introducing the new Secretary, Derek McAuley
  • News from Grove Books
  • Announcing Travelling Together in a Changing Church conference, York St John
  • Book review, Mindful Ministry

Issue 21, September 2012

  • Leading for Tomorrow's World conference issue
  • 101 Great Ideas for Growing Healthy Churches. A new book from MODEM, Anton Müller
  • Developing sub-30 leaders, Part 3. Rob Sharp
  • Book reviews, Inspiring Change, Creating a Purposeful Life and The Spirit of Project Management

Issue 20, May 2012

  • Announcing Leading for Tomorrow's World conference
  • Church and Business Reconciled? Bridget Adams
  • Book reviews, Finding Your Leadership Style and Consultancy Skills for Mission and Minstry

Issue 19, February 2012

  • Report on Leading across Boundaries conference
  • Finding the Best Books on Leadership. Dr Scott Taylor, Exeter Centre for Leadership Studies
  • Reflections on Lancaster MA in Leadership for Sustainability. Jonthan Emptage, Shetland
  • Developing sub-30 leaders, continued. Rob Sharp
  • Updates on Leading across Boundaries conference and best 21st century books
  • MODEM's next book - It's moulded plastic!
  • Keys to developing sub-30 leaders
  • Book review, Embracing Chaos
  • Special offer on Grove Leadership booklets

Issue 17, July 2011

  • Report from Leadership Practitioners Forum
  • Report from MODEM-led URC consultation day
  • Members' contributions: from coaching to Channel 4, from Surrey to Shetland
  • Developing sub-30 leaders.

Issue 16, May 2011.

  • CMS Pioneer Leadership course
  • Kingdom at Work project
  • Ecumenical Partnerships Initiative - Compassion in Change
  • Book review, Loving Volunteers.

Issue 15, April 2011.

A special 4 page issue highlighting recent developments:

  • Social networking: MODEM joins ChurchesTogetherConnect and Twitter
  • Best leadership books of 21st century
  • Leading Across Boundaries conference
  • Publication news: MODEM supports Grove Leadership series, MODEM's 5th book takes shape.

Issue 14, February 2011.

The first issue in a new, shorter, style:

  • Front line news: The Leadership Institute, Penicuick North Kirk, 101 Great Ideas
  • Members' contributions: weekly newspapers in Devon, a new book, business and theology
  • Features: Introducing the Best Leadership Books of the Past Decade project
  • Book review, The Inner Life of a Christian Leader

Issue 13, October 2010.

  • MODEM representative at Westminster Abbey for Pope's visit
  • Spirit in Work network celebrates 10th anniversary
  • Leadership resources: coaching
  • New online social networking site, Good Connections. Jo Edwardes
  • CPAS launches new leadership project, Making Mission Possible
  • Members' news: 6 contributions, from Australia to Scotland via London
  • Book review: Reshaping the Mission of Methodism

  • MODEM Matters E13 was circulated with an accompanying relection, A leader leads by example, whether s/he intends to or not, by Ian Hall. You can read it here.
  • Issue 12, July 2010.

    • Report on Winchester conference: Leading in a Complex World
    • Report on launch of Grove Leadership Series
    • Using Your Strengths in Leadership 3, Keith Williams
    • Stories from CPAS, When Leading is out of Sight, David Runcorn
    • Websites: Simon Walker’s blog & St Paul’s Institute
    • Members' news: Workplace Ministry Herts and Beds
    • Trends in the decade ahead, Peter Brierley
    • Book reviews: Discerning Leadership and Structures for the Church

    Issue 11, May 2010.

    • Report on Church of Scotland Leadership Forum
    • Tributes to Raymond Clarke and Hereward Cooke
    • Announcements: Grove Leadership Series launch and Winchester conference
    • Book review: By One Spirit: Reconciliation and Renewal in Anglican Life
    • Introducing MODEM's new Treasurer and Membership Administrator

    Issue 10, January 2010.

    • Church of Scotland leadership initiative
    • Jewish perspectives on leadership and ethics
    • Using Your Strengths in Leadership 2, Keith Williams
    • Tribute to Norman Todd
    • Transform Work UK conference, Does God Work Here?, Tom Stevens
    • Wheaton Declaration on Business as an Integral Calling
    • Stories from CPAS, John Lounguet-Higgins
    • MODEM network member, Fr Christopher Calascione
    • Book review: Mentoring for Spiritual Growth

    Issue 9, October 2009.

    • Providing Resources: CPAS, James Lawrence
    • Bold Leadership: Taking Steps to Bring Back 'Body Ministry', Arno Andreasen
    • Book reviews: The Missional Leader and Incarnate Leadership

    Issue 8, June 2009:

    • Using Your Strengths in Leadership 1, Keith Williams
    • Purpose Fuels Performance, Jill Garrett (CABE)
    • Book reviews: Coaching in Church, The Leadership Pocket Companion and Nick Stacey and Kent Social Services

    Issue 7, February 2009:

    • Creative Church Leadership, Lee Rayfield, Bishop of Swindon
    • The Changing Church: Tools for the Task, Michael Lofthouse
    • Telos and MODEM's Cardiff book launch
    • Book review: Growing Women Leaders

    Issue 6, October 2008:

    • MODEM’s London Book Launch and 2008 Annual Meeting of Members
    • Christianity and Work: news from the General Synod
    • MODEM network member: ‘Making Room for Church Leadership’, David Brown
    • Book review, How to Become a Creative Church Leader

    Issue 5, July 2008:

    • News from the Foundation for Church Leadership, Malcolm Grundy
    • MODEM network member: ‘The U Detector’, Steve Hoggar
    • ‘And it’s goodbye from him’ – a parting rant from editor Anton Muller!

    Issue 4. April 2008:

    • Book reviews, How to Become a Creative Church Leader
    • MODEM network member: ‘Service and Leadership: A new module in a new course’, Revd Judy Hunt, Diocese of Chester.

    Issue 3, January 2008:

    • 'Mountains and Molehills', Revd Elizabeth Welch’s talk at 2007 Annual Meeting of Members
    • MODEM network member: Viv Thomas
    • MODEM launches new website

    Issue 2, July 2007:

    • An Ecology for Sustainable Church Leadership, Malcolm Grundy
    • MODEM network member: All change! Humphrey Bowen
    • ‘Leave it to the vicar!’ sound (and not so sound) bites from the Christian Resources Exhibition
    • Book review, Trinity in Human Community, Peter Holmes

    Issue 1, January 2007:

    • Leadership - the Challenge for All, Mary Chapman, Chartered Management Institute
    • Playing to Your Strengths, Tim Harle

    Earlier issues

    Issue 29. Summer 2006.

    Issue 28.

    Issue 27. January 2005.

    Issue 26. September 2004.

    Issue 25. April 2004.

    Issue 24. December 2003.