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Mats Alvesson & André Spicer (2016) The Stupidity Paradox, reviewed by Vaughan S Roberts. *** new ***

David Berry (2008) Structures for the Church, reviewed by George Rendell.

Chris Blakeley & Sue Howard (2010) The Inner Life of a Christian Leader, reviewed by Justin Byworth.

Mike Bonem (2012) In Pursuit of Great AND Godly Leadership, reviewed by Roger Matthews.

Archie Brown (2014) The Myth of the Strong Leader, reviewed by Vaughan S Roberts.

Brigid Carroll, Jackie Ford & Scott Taylor, eds (2015) Leadership: Contemporary Critical Perspectives, reviewed by Tim Harle.

Lorraine Cavanagh (2009) By One Spirit, reviewed by Malcolm Grundy.

David Clark (2010) Reshaping the Mission of Methodism, reviewed by John Nelson.

Graham Cray (2010) Discerning Leadership, reviewed by Sue Heatherington.

David Dadswell (2011) Consultancy Skills for Mission and Ministry, reviewed by Tim Harle.

Philippe de Woot (2013) Spirituality and Business: A Christian Viewpoint, reviewed by David Beech.

Keith Elford (2013) Creating the Future of the Church, reviewed by John Carlisle & Norman Speirs.

Richard Fox (2012) Creating a Purposeful Life, reviewed by Elizabeth Welch.

Doug Gay (2011) Remixing the Church, reviewed by Elizabeth Welch.

Malcolm Grundy( 2015) Multi-Congregation Ministry: Theology and Practice in a Changing Church, reviewed by Paul Burden.

Tim Harle (2011) Embracing Chaos, reviewed by Justin Lewis-Anthony. 

Tony Horsfall (2008) Mentoring for Spiritual Growth, reviewed by James Lawrence.

 Herminia Ibarra (2015) Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader, reviewed by David Sims.

Adam Kahane (2007) Solving Tough Problems, reviewed by Debby Edelstein.

Rick James (2012) Inspiring Change, reviewed by Rob Hay.

Keith Lamdin (2012) Finding Your Leadership Style, reviewed by Elizabeth Welch.

Tim Ling, ed. (2013) Moving on in Ministry, reviewed by Jane Charman. 

Tim Ling & Lesley Bentley, eds (2012) Developing Faithful Ministers, reviewed by Timothy Hewitt.

Mark McKergow & Helen Bailey (2014) Host: Six New Roles of Engagement for Teams, Organizations, Communities, Movements, reviewed by Julie Couchman-Boor.

Michael Moynagh (2012) Church for Every Context, reviewed by Tim Harle.

Judi Neal & Alan Harpham (2012) The Spirit of Project Management, reviewed by John Kay.

  Emma Percy (2014) What Clergy Do, reviewed by Michael Lofthouse.

 Nigel Peyton & Caroline Gatrell (2013) Managing Clergy Lives, reviewed by Richard Steel.

 Gil Rendle (2014) Doing the Math of Mission, reviewed by Jeremy Fagan.

Bill Robinson (2009) Incarnate Leadership, reviewed by Tim Harle.

Alan Roxburgh & Fred Romanuk (2006) The MIssional Leader, reviewed by Robin McAlpine.

Peter Shaw (2004) Mirroring Jesus as Leader, reviewed by Malcolm Grundy.

 Pam Smith (2015) Online Mission and Ministry, reviewed by Richard Steel.

Martyn Snow & Huw Thomas (2008) Coaching in the Church, reviewed by Richard Fox.

Richard Steel (2011) Loving Volunteers, reviewed by Ed Davis.

Richard Steel (2013) Building up the Body, reviewed by Mike Butterworth.

Judith Thompson & Ross Thompson (2012) Mindful Ministry, reviewed by Rowena Francis.

Graham Tomlin (2014) The Widening Circle: Priesthood as God's Way of Blesssing the World
, reviewed by Timothy Hewitt.

Dennis Tourish (2013) The Dark SIde of Transformational Leadership, reviewed by Vaughan S Roberts.

Rosie Ward (2008) Growing Women Leaders, reviewed by Alison Myers.

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Best Leadership Books of 21st Century

MODEM's project in 2011 produced 140-word reviews of the following books. Click on the icon to read them.

Joseph L Badaracco (2002) Leading Quietly

George Binney, Gerhard Wilke & Colin Williams (2005) Living Leadership

Mike Bonem & Roger Patterson (2005) Leading from the Second Chair

Marcus Buckingham & Curt Coffman (1999) First, Break All the Rules

Jim Collins (2001) Good to Great

Stephen Cottrell (2008) Hit the Ground Kneeling

Bill Easum (2000) Leadership on the OtherSide

Edwin H Friedman (2007) A Failure of Nerve

Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis & Annie McKee (2002) The New Leaders [= Primal Leadership]

Keith Grint (2005) Leadership: Limits and Possibilities

Ronald A Heifetz & Marty Linsky (2002) Leadership on the Line

Bill Hybels (2002) Courageous Leadership

Brad Jackson & Ken Parry (2007) A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Studying Leaddership

Art Kleiner (2003) Who Really Matters

Joseph R Myers (2007) Organic Community

Alan J Roxburgh & Fred Romanuk (2006) The Missional Leader

Alan Smith & Peter Shaw (2011) The Reflective Leader

Simon P Walker (2007) Leading Out of Who You Are

Margaret J Wheatley (2005) Finding Our Way

Walter C Wright (2000) Relational Leadership